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La Iglesia de San Martin

"A reminder of Colonia Tovar's German history"


Our ancestors began our group in W├╝rzburg during the 16th century, where they lived peacefully hiding amongst the people.

However, when the trials started, they knew they were no longer safe. Our people were being slaughtered, with the death toll reaching the hundreds. They fled to the Black Forest, near Baden, where they sought refuge from the bloodshed.

Our group were the first to arrive in Colonia Tovar after we migrated from Baden, Germany in 1843 during the rapid industrialization. We wanted somewhere we could live in peace, but that would also remind us of our homeland. This church was built as a true copy of a church in Endingen, and Colonia Tovar soon became known as the "Germany of the Caribbean".

Now we blend in with the other German Venezuelans that occupy the town, living our lives in safety and serenity. We still gather with the circle every once in a while, with the Church of Saint Martin as our meeting place.


12.15pm: Raising of the Flag

1.30pm: Afternoon Prayers

3.30pm: Meditation (Every day but Saturday)

3.30pm: Meeting of the Circle (Saturday only)

3.45pm: Afternoon Service

6.05pm: Evening Service and Food

10.15pm: Lowering of the Flag

9.25am: Morning Service


Upcoming Anomaly

Our circle have recently felt a shift in the atmosphere.
Something is coming.
We have warned all members of our congregation to flee to
safety to avoid the rift that'll open.

Christmas Service

We will be adapting our timetable above
slightly for the holidays. The new
timetable can be found posted on the
noticeboard outside the church.